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Commonly Asked Questions


questions-and-answers-3 Q. Is Moonshine Easy to Do?

A. With the proper ingredients and tools, moonshine is actually very easy to make.  It does require some knowledge on how to properly work a still and also on how to make a mash, but once you have that knowledge, making moonshine is very easy.

For more information on making moonshine, read the book The Ultimate Moonshine Guide.  This guide will give you everything you need to know so that making the moonshine is easy and enjoyable.

Q. Are you limited in the type of moonshine you make?

A. Traditionally, moonshine was a very limited type endeavor and only a handful of recipes were used to make some very potent alcohol.  However, that has changed and today, with better equipment and knowledge, you can make a wide range of liquors.

In fact, there are many different recipes out there for moonshine and the book New Revealed Liquor Recipe Guide has many recipes for you to try.

Q. Is Moonshine expensive to make?

A. Moonshine can be expensive when you are first starting in the hobby since you have the overhead of all your new equipment. Stills can cost a lot of money to purchase, although they can be fairly inexpensive if you make it.

That being said, once you have the equipment, moonshine is actually very inexpensive to make and often costs a fraction of what you pay when you purchase alcohol in the store.

Q. Is Making Moonshine Safe?questions-and-answers-5

A. AS with any type of hobby where you need to cook something, making moonshine can have risks.  You can burn yourself or you can injure yourself in other minor ways.

With moonshine, it is very important to use proper equipment. During the fermenting process if you do not have the proper airlock, the fermenting bucket can explode due to carbon dioxide being released in the process. In addition, not using a still properly can result in many of the same problems.

If you use your equipment properly and you use caution when you are making moonshine, it should be completely safe.

Q. Is Drinking Moonshine Safe?

A.Again, this can vary depending on your equipment and the recipes that you use.  Many recipes are safe for human consumption; however, you should use an alcoholmeter to make sure the levels are safe before you drink it.

Generally, if you follow the recipes, moonshine should be safe to drink in small batches, however, whether you drink store bought alcohol or moonshine, there are a number of health hazards that can occur.  One thing we stress is to drink moonshine in moderation, never operate any heavy equipment, never drink and drive and always know your limits to stay safe while drinking it.

questions-and-answers-4Q. How long does it take to make Moonshine?

A. Making moonshine can vary depending on the type of moonshine you are making. In general, the actual distilling of your moonshine can take a few hours at the most.

The main chunk of your time with making moonshine is the fermenting process. During that time, it usually takes one to two days to get your wash ready for the still.

Q.  Is Making Moonshine Messy?

A. As with any type of cooking, there will be a bit of a mess to clean up when you are finished. That being said, moonshine really isn’t that messy to make.

Most of the mess is confined to your fermenting bucket and also to your still so when you need to clean up, all you really need to clean is your equipment.

Q. Is Moonshine easy to clean up?

A. After making moonshine, it is fairly easy to clean up.  IN fact, cleaning up from making moonshine is often just like cleaning up when you are cooking.  You simply need to wash your tools and also the still that you are using.

One thing that should be stressed is the still should be cared for properly.  Since most stills have copper parts, not caring for them properly could shorten the life of your still and lead to expensive repairs.  Cleaning them after every use will ensure that your still remains intact.

Q. Is it Legal to Make Moonshine?questions-and-answers-1

A. The legality of making moonshine is different depending on where you live.  In some countries, such as in New Zealand, making your own moonshine is legal.

Other countries have made it illegal while some countries allow the production of moonshine if you have special permits.  Before you make moonshine, check the legality of making it in your area.  If you need special permits, make sure that you have them.

Q. Do you need special tools for making Moonshine?

A. Yes, there are a number of different tools that you will need for your moonshine.  Some equipment is a still and a fermenter.  In addition you will need bottles, spoons and funnels for collecting and making your moonshine.

Other tools that you should have are condensers, alcoholmeter and hydrometers. For more information on these tools, I recommend that you read the book The Ultimate Moonshine Guide.

Q.  Can you sell moonshine?

A. No, you cannot sell moonshine without a proper permit or license.  In addition, there are many different laws regarding the distribution of moonshine and liability.

Before you give you moonshine to anyone, make sure that you know the laws in your area concerning moonshine.  This will help prevent you from having any legal problems due to your hobby.

Q. How much moonshine does a recipe usually make?questions-and-answers-2

A. Every moonshine recipe is different but in generally, you can expect about 1.5 to 3 liters of moonshine with each batch that you make.

It is important to note that some recipes will make less and other recipes will make more and it is really important to bear this in mind before you make your moonshine.

Q.  How long does moonshine last?

A. Moonshine lasts for years if it is stored properly in airtight containers.  In fact, moonshine can actually last centuries, just as many wines and other alcohols do.

The key is in the stilling process.  The more refined the stilling is, the more likely your moonshine will stand up to the test of time.

Q. Do I need to use a still to make moonshine?

A. The answer to this question in simple form is no.  You do not need a still to make moonshine and many people have been successful in making moonshine in the freezer.

However, it is not something that I would recommend as the end result is not as good tasting as a properly stilled moonshine.  In addition, the frozen alcohol is usually a slush and it can be very difficult removing it from the other ingredients.  For the best results, stick to a still.

Q. Is it fun to make moonshine?

A. Of course it is fun to make.  Yes it can be a lot of hard work at the start but the moment you see those first few drops of distilled alcohol in your vessel, all that hard work will pay off.

In fact, many people take more enjoyment out of making moonshine than any other hobby. Not only do you get to create a nice product but you get to enjoy the benefit of tasting it as you work and that is a whole different kind of fun.


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