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Is it Legal to make moonshine


History Of Moonshine is-it-legal-to-make-moonshine-2

Moonshine, throughout the history of its creation, has always referred to an illegal alcohol that is made and sold in secret.  But with that history, many people are unsure exactly whether that illegality stands or not.

I mean, there is so much information out there on moonshine from complete guides such as The Ultimate Moonshine Guide to recipe books such as the New Revealed Liquor Recipe Guide.  There are stills you can purchase and there are also mashes you can buy to.  Really, with the number of people out there making their own moonshine, it is difficult to determine if it is legal or not.

Different Rules

However, if you look at moonshine in a purely black and white sense, then no, it is not legal to make moonshine.  But moonshine is one of those things that really falls into the realm of a gray area.  In some countries, making moonshine is completely legal, such as in New Zealand.  In other countries, certain types of moonshine can be brewed legally or it can be brewed with special permits for your still.  Finally, in some areas, making moonshine is not legal but in small quantities, moonshine is overlooked.  When it becomes a problem is when moonshine is sold or distributed.

And for anyone interested in creating their own moonshine, it is important to really look at the different rules around moonshine.  Make sure that you check your local area to find what is legal and what isn’t.  In addition, find out what type of permits is-it-legal-to-make-moonshine-1you need to keep a still in your home.

Another thing to look at is whether or not you are legally responsible if someone drinks your moonshine.  Remember that many moonshine brews are potent and they should only be brewed for personal use.  While it can be legal to brew for your own use in some areas, selling or distributing it in any way can be illegal.

Before you make any moonshine, make sure that you know your area and are aware of the laws and permits that you may need.


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