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Moonshine Recipe


moonshine-recipeMoonshine Recipe

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New Revealed Liquor Recipe

Anyone who is interested in making their own moonshine is faced with one simple little fact…you need recipes to make them.  While there are hundreds of recipes out there, none of them are as amazing or as handy to access as the recipes found in the New Revealed Liquor Recipe Guide.

This is a must have guide for anyone that is interested in the hobby of making moonshine and even if you are just starting out, you will be delighted with the abundance of recipes in this book.  In fact, this book is an eye opener when it comes to establishing how refined making moonshine is.

You don’t have to be limited to the moonshine of old where you went blind.  There are rich brandy’s, woody whiskey’s and even a tequila like moonshine that will meet the expectations of anyone who wants something a little different.

Stilling Your Own Spirits

banner1What you can do with moonshines now is no different than what you can pull from the store shelves and many times it is better.  The New Revealed Liquor Recipe Guide proves to you with the easy to follow recipes that you can have wonderful moonshine that is worth the effort of stilling yourself.

In fact, the book takes you through recipes that can rival even the most discerning brewery or distillery.  Brandy, whiskey, gin and vodka have become popular creations in the home distillery and the quality of these alcohols are up there with the best brands a liquor store has to offer.

Even someone who has no experience making moonshine, or even cooking, can follow the recipes found in the New Revealed Liquor Recipe Guide and create a masterpiece in their moonshine.

On top of the very best recipes around, the book looks at the tools you will need to make your moonshine and also offers you some important tips on stilling your own spirits.

So if you are looking forward to making wonderful moonshines that are delicious and sure to be a crowd pleaser, then the New Revealed Liquor Recipe Guide is a must have book for your bookshelf.

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Valued at: $27
Our Price: $23

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