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Moonshine Recipes


moonshine-recipes-3Wide Range of Flavors

When I was younger, my uncle used to make a moonshine every year that was often the envy of everyone in the neighborhood. They looked forward to the time when he would bring out a bottle of the finished brew and they would toast the health of everyone around.  He only made one type of moonshine and it was a clear, vodka like beverage.  Because of this, for years I thought that brewing your own moonshine recipes limited the type of alcohol that you can make.

As an adult, however, I have learned that moonshine can be made in a wide range of flavors and potency and you can have everything from dark rums to light and fruity brandies.  Really, there is no limit to what you can make with moonshine and it all comes down to the ingredients that you use in your recipe.

But what makes the difference in the recipes?  Well, for one, it is the type of grain that you use that helps determine the type of flavor you get for your finished beverage.moonshine-recipes-1

Sweet Mash:

Sweet mach uses corn meal and malted grain and has a sweet flavor to it.

Grain Mash:

Uses a variety of grains along with malted grain.

Corn Mash:

Uses just what you think, corn mixed with malted mash.  It is excellent for Whiskey.

Potato Mash:

This is a very common mash that is widely used in many recipes.

There are many other types of mashes, which you can read about in the New Revealed Liquor Recipe Guide, but the main focus is to use a mash as a base.  This will give you the underlying flavor of your moonshine and from there, you can begin to add flavor to it.

Recipes can call for a variety of ingredients from sugars and molasses to spices and even bread.  The base can be flavored by how you store it during the process and also by what you store it in.  In addition, fruit is one of the best ways to create a wonderful tasting alcohols and liquors that will stand up to the test of time and the flavor that everyone looks for in a moonshine.


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